Business Concepts

Easy, Rapid, Convenience

Global Max is established in the year of 2016 and has developed economical and practical remittance mechanisms which are aligned with the principles of fairness, justice, and transparency. Our customers could have the highest-quality and most rapid remittance services with favorable and transparent prices at anytime and anywhere. Satisfying our customers’ needs is our top priority. We are committed to offer best price, fastest, and most convenient operations and provide most advantageous and easiest remittance services!


Our Team

Professionalism, Always Try to Be Better

With more than 20 years of financial technical practical experiences, our professional team promises to deliver the fastest remittance service among the industry. The soonest time that your payments could be made is within one hour, while in banks’ working hours.


Security and Protection

24-hour security and protection system

We know the importance of money transfer to our customers, so we strictly monitor and pay close attentions to your every transaction. We dedicate ourselves to protect your privacy and data and conduct 24-hour security and protection system, just for providing you a safest remittances environment.